Temple Of Creativity

Temple Of CreativityThe expulsion of the egg is a gesture of the most pure creative power. To birth something that did not exist until you made it is deeply satisfying, primal, and life affirming.

Many eggs go unfertilized. This is the law of nature and has nothing to do with you. Do not take it personally if some of your creative expressions go unnoticed by others. You must continue to release them as they occur. Try to cultivate a neutral relationship with them. They are your issue, but they may or may not have a life of their own.

Creativity comes in many forms. Sometimes it can look a lot like play. Everyone has some sort of creative potential that is worthy of expression. This has little to do with what we think of as talent. The over-focus on talent is a perversion by society of a basic human capacity. Whether it is expressed as an invention, a meal, a new room, a short story, or a new method of doing something, you have the capacity to create. The magic occurs when creativity comes from a place of pure curiosity and authentic impulse, rather than the need to solve a problem or achieve an outcome.

You cannot control whether your creative endeavors succeed or fail. Once they have left you, you may be able to assist their journey, but you cannot control it. This is a lesson in letting go. It is also a lesson in not having your self-esteem tied up in the results of your creative expressions. Focus instead on gathering energy for the next creative urge. The temple is full of more seeds awaiting manifestation.