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Lost and Found

Some things and people and places have become lost to me. My beloved, who became my ex- husband Paul, is lost to me. The place where I felt the greatest sense of belonging for the longest time was on the property I named “Wanders Reach”. Although I can still touch in to that place psychically, […]

New Year -Feeling Older- But Still Becoming

My experience in Goa was better than I’d imagined. Daily swimming, a hotel whose staff I came to love, kids I befriended on the beach, an incredibly international tourist scene, a reasonably unspoiled beach-village, and seven traveler Deck readings to women from: Israel, Czech Republic, Russia! Finland, Great Britain, Guatemala and America. I was off-line […]

Three Degrees of Separation

Okay, this is just too remarkable, yet, I know we’ve all heard similar stories of unexpected connections. You know (most of you, anyway) that term “Six Degrees of Separation”?  I’ve been told recently that now it’s down to three-degrees. So, here’s my most recent Three-Degree story: Two weeks ago,  I tweaked my back and was […]

Body-Wise and Otherwise

Who would have thought that someone can teach without even knowing the language of the students? They are learning more than I am about another language though I do give it a bit of effort now and then to forge further into their lovely language. When I scan back to what prompted this journey to […]

Camel Time

If you can imagine an older bus, sliced in half lengthwise on the inside with sleeping compartments upper and lower, with a narrow passage between them, that’s basically the sleeper-bus we took to Pushkar. In the starboard section of the stern (if it were a boat) there’s about a quarter of the length devoted to […]

Celebrations of Life, Death, and Light

I painted faces on the night of Halloween (which is a non-event here in India – except for our two floors of the house). But four of us enjoyed ourselves anyway, for a little while. Taking our photos and posting them on various facebook pages and getting immediate thumbs up responses. And then it was […]

My Own Process – Revealed by The Traveler Deck

In honor of Diwali, I did a reading for myself from The Traveler Deck, and am once again, rather stunned by what was revealed. I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings about it with you. The first draw was Reclamation. I don’t have an easy way to copy the text, so I’ll just briefly […]

The Tiger Has Landed!

Two Creative projects here in Udaipur are finished or on the trembling verge of completion. The first, is my Tiger Puppet. The newest arrival to my puppet menagerie. I’m not quite satisfied with how the eyes look, and it still needs teeth, but you can get a sense of where it’s going. We haven’t actually […]

Teaching, Singing, and Puppeteering…

Namaste, We’ve been visiting a Day Care/Community Center close by every morning. 3-6 year olds come and we lead them in songs, games, and lessons in English. They’re learning numbers, letters and body parts. The center is a rudimentary building with virtually no furniture, filthy rags that serve as little sitting carpets for all on […]

Navratri Festival – The last day of it was my first day here.

That my first day here would be dedicated to children seemed amazingly auspicious to me, as well as delightful. Their feet were washed by the hosts upon entering, then they were served food, then you touch their feet and touch your head to accept the blessing they bring. I won’t go into the whole description […]

She Conjures Another Self

She conjures another self, from the aliveness around her and within her. Together, they take flight, lifted up on a wave, not of her making. But it is her wave to ride. Neither of them know when it will break upon another shore, but they feel the swell and speed, the motion and the power […]