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Why do people do Spring Cleaning? What is the significance? In many Old World cultures the Spring Equinox ushers in the New Year, not Dec. 31st. Why is that? Well, it is the equalization of night and day and the beginning of the season when daylight over-runs the darkness. It is also when nature begins […]

“There are no solutions only choices”

  This title is a line taken from the movie, Solaris, hence the quotes. It carries a lot of intention. It really changes the way one can approach life challenges and opportunities. When you approach situations from the vantage point of desire to solve something you see as a problem its a very different state of being […]

Falling and Landing

The season of Fall seems to cue many of us to a quickening, a preparation for immanent change, and an excited enlivened quality to our lives.  We’re more likely to actively look for change, and we welcome it because we embrace its beauty and its rightfulness…….I mean, the leaves are going to fall. We know this. We’re […]

A Stirring Summer

Some things are beginning to surface within me after numerous months of reading, quiet reflection, and questing conversations. Stirrings, musings, and yearnings are making their way to the surface. Going camping (village-style), helped show me some things. The on-line dating process is showing me other things. Self-definitions are breaking down, sexual energy heating up, ideas and […]

It is Accomplished!

You can, hopefully, see our entire route in green marker on the map below.

Right Through the Middle!

We decided to go through Kentucky, since I’d never been there before, and I wanted to get a sense of the horse-country. We headed for Lexington, visited an extravagantly huge horse venue there, called the Kentucky Horse Park. We saw a horse breed show and also a brief viewing of some retired racing champions, as […]

Swig N’ Swine

The only reason this post has this title is because we thought it was such a clever name for a restaurant…and Charleston certainly can boast some great eating establishments. Our pedi-cab guy, who is a TV and Radio major, admitted that this city is WAY down on the scale of news-worthy cities, as nothing much […]

Picnics and Pillow-Fights

Mom and I are still having an amazing time! We had a pillow-fight this morning in Augusta and a tail-gate picnic in Texas. We had a two-day break from each other in Atlanta, while she stayed with her brother, Doug and wife, Joan and i stayed with cousin, Nanette. She soaked up the love of […]

Art, Austin, and More

Austin was a worthy stop though it was a zig-zag off a straight shot from Pecos, NM to Shreveport, LA. I enjoyed a hit of Urban flair and dash, driving (as I do) as if I’ve been a taxi-driver in another life. But once in the hotel, everything was a walk (except for a taxi-ride […]

Journeying Further

We had RAIN in Death Valley! It was a dramatic storm, but we had no mis-haps, and enjoyed the way the wind threw the clouds about and what it did to the light and the aromas. Below, is my first attempt to use a new Ap that allows me to make some entries a bit […]

The Mother/Daughter Cross Country Odessey!

Upon my return to Ashland, while talking with my Mom the first couple of days I was back we hatched this idea of driving across the country to visit family, to re-discover America, and to have a mutually enjoyable adventure together while we still can! So, not much more than a month after my return, […]

Renewed View

As I am newly returned to the two home-bases that have supported my life over the last thirty years, the Seattle area and the Rogue Valley area, I have a refreshed perspective. Several recent conversations with friends and family have served to heighten my process of integration and bring my perspective about the world and […]

From here to There

The difference between worlds can be very interesting and disorienting. In the case of India and Mallorca, Spain, the difference is very acute. I may have been told at some point a little about Mallorca, but I was not prepared for the wealth that is apparent here. Stone buildings centuries old seem to be nested […]

Sweetest Unexpected Gifts

The last day of teaching at the Chettenanga Hindu School, where they had me teaching English, Drawing and Yoga, I gave each student a new pencil and as many as I could, new erasers. The female teachers all were given a woven handbag from the Kanyakumari market and the men ball-caps. I wished I could […]

Here at Land’s End

The very southern tip of India, dubbed, land’s end, is where I am now attempting to arrange for my own solo volunteer teaching gig. The very first day was spent walking around to see the various monuments here. It was about a six-7 hour train ride to get here. This photo is one of the […]