Welcome to My World of Wonder!


Nancy B 066The challenge of living well, of interpreting life’s impulses, lessons, gifts, requirements and messages has me deeply engaged most all the time. As an intuitive person, I’m generally curious about the subtle nuances, rhythms and power sources that move us all.  And am filled with wonder and amazement at how differently each person responds to these underlying influences. Many of my paintings and also the Traveler Oracle, arise from this natural and enduring interest.

Recently a woman described me as an energy-tornado. She clarified that it was a creative flux that enabled me to have access to a tremendous creative source, and that I simply need to be calmly centered within it and willing to utilize my versatile expressive talents because the tornado of energy needs me for manifesting in the physical world. My, my, what a fascinating description that was! But I must admit, it’s a pretty accurate description of what it feels like to be me. The energy isn’t personal or psychological, it simply provides a kind of well-of -potential that is at my disposal.

I’m nothing if not “willing” to go where the energy or impulse or idea leads. This has resulted in my living a very interesting and fairly unconventional life. Another friend once told me, Nancy, you do NOT WORKING better than anyone else I know. This gave me pause, and I asked him what he meant by that. He explained that, clearly, I never lacked for creative projects, a full social life, nor needed outside structure for discipline or meaningful engagement. And that, too, is true.

My art reflects my best effort to express what it feels like to be alive, engaged with all sorts of materials, and free to play creatively. It also captures the variety of exposures to a wide array of experiences, individuals and cultures that I have been influenced and inspired by.