Art, Austin, and More

Austin was a worthy stop though it was a zig-zag off a straight shot from Pecos, NM to Shreveport, LA. I enjoyed a hit of Urban flair and dash, driving (as I do) as if I’ve been a taxi-driver in another life. But once in the hotel, everything was a walk (except for a taxi-ride to the music venue).


Mom and I seem to have a daily “snit” that dissipates as quickly as it happens, usually its about our different view-points on things, which are sometimes polarized. But we laugh together much more often, and do our best to treat each other respectfully and lovingly, and are succeeding at that, which is making this trip a real blessing for us both.

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  1. cynthia
    cynthia says:

    I love being on this adventure with you. I think you need your own TV show, that would be really fun!

  2. Margie Mee
    Margie Mee says:

    What a great outlook and trip you seem to be having! I only wish I could have had both of these things with my mother! You are both to be commended and how you will treasure these days forever!!!Love it! XX to you both, Margie

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